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9th Jul 2007 Project Started
21st Aug 2007 Put On Hold
3rd Oct 2007 Resumed
29th Oct 2007 Put On Hold
16th Jan 2008 Resumed
5th Apr 2008 Put On Hold
26th May 2008 Resumed
6th Jul 2008 Put On Hold
12th Apr 2009 Resumed
26th Apr 2009 Project Completed

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ZDaemon is a version of DooM that has been modified following the release of the original game source code (known as a port). Although the development is going from strength to strength, it lacks a significant community infrastructure.

The one thing which has bothered me most is that there's never been a way of effectively tracking clans in ZDaemon. They go in and out of activity all the time, members come and go, websites are often outdated - the list goes on. The eventual goal of this project is to keep all happenings up-to-date and in wide public view via a central hub with as much emphasis on automation as possible.

Each clan gets their own profile page where you can view past and upcoming matches against other clans, a list of members, various awards gathered, league participation, etc. This information is kept and maintained by the clan leaders and members themselves through login accounts. Alone I'm not convinced this would work - there's no incentive (which would bring us back to square one). This is circumvented through the use of interesting and useful functionality that will make people want to login and use the site. One such example is the ability for one clan to challenge another, either as a friendly or in a league where rank is determined by overall performance in that particular domain. Other functionality will include tournaments, player profiles, seasonal statistics and awards, a moderation system and more.

The first version of this site will run independently from anything else and as such, users will need to create accounts and sign their clans up. Plans after that include merging the site with the zdaemon players account database. This means when a player changes clan, they will only have to go to the website, make the changes and the new clan tag will appear on the alias immediately. The benefits really are immense and they'll bring some much needed integration between the community and the actual game.

Latest Update: 26th Apr 2009

CHQ is finally finished. Some beta testing was done during the week and a lot of issues were ironed out. With nothing left to add (at least for now) I'm declaring this project complete. Look out for CHQ, coming to an internet near you ;)

17th Apr 2009

Well, things have been pretty quiet round here for the last year. Uni and work have been the priority and I'm only just starting to settle.

That said, the site is nearly finished and I'm working like a man possessed to get this thing out of the door and into use. I expect the next update will be a big one :)

30th Jun 2008

Today marks an important milestone - the Match system is effictively finished. Clans can login and, after a series of transactions between each other, schedule matches together and post the results for all to see. Features include automatic demo processing, substitutes, result integrity checking and much more. This was by far the most demanding task of this phase and over the next few weeks things should be moving along quite rapidly. Couple that with the fact that tomorrow also marks my last day at work until September and you'll find this project being my primary focus instead. Watch this space.

5th Jun 2008

After a period of intense uni work and exams, work has recently resumed. While getting back into the swing of things, a few niggling details that were concerning me have been sorted and I'm now powering ahead to get the war system finished. There are a lot of checks to be made so it's a somewhat tedious process making sure that everything is in place and works as it should. There's no doubt that it will be worth it though :) More soon.

21st Mar 2008

After mapping out the match infrastructure, good progress is being made with implementing it. Because certain game modes require certain wads and those in turn require certain maps I've had to cross to the dark side (I ajaxed the selection utility) so only the right options are available.

In other news, clan profiles got a makeover and now boast an attractive 'info' bar on the right hand side featuring a clan logo, general clan info, tasks (logged in users only), a small 'about clan' paragraph and a list of recent visitors. Plans are to use this idea on players, leagues and just about anything else where it would increase usability/attractiveness.

1st Feb 2008

CHQ has a home on irc! Join #chq once connected to zdirc in ZLauncher (or on any client) and see what's happening in real-time.

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