Ever since acquiring my first keyboard when I was young, music has remained an influential and ever-present aspect of my life.

As a player I specialise in synthesizers and piano, having taught myself the latter after having keyboard lessons at a young age. My current weapon of choice is a Korg Triton LE 61, which you can kind of see in the above banner. I'm also fortunate enough to live in a house where the past tennants left their piano behind because they couldn't shift it. Absolute bonus!

As a listener I'd say my preferred genre as a whole is Metal, though the term itself is much broader than you might think. Starting with my first real favourite band, the Foo Fighters, my taste went through Alt. Rock and somehow ended up with Symphonic/Orchestral Metal band Nightwish. Other sub-genre favourites include Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and Thyrfying. The other part of me will listen to anything from Muse and Maxïmo Park to the Red Hot Chilis and No Doubt.

My music profile at will give a better understanding than I could ever fit into a paragraph. Last FM records every track you've listened to and turns the data into a personal music profile which includes charts, listing people with similar tastes and informing you of bands you've not listened to yet but might like. It's free, totally safe and I'd recommend it to any music fan.

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