Over the years I've made a few wads (new levels or mods) and have decided to publically share the best ones along with the resources I made for them. You are free to modify or use everything you see on this page for your own projects as long as you mention me as the original author and link to this page.

To play new levels or mods you'll need a copy of Doom 2 and a recent doom port such as ZDoom or ZDaemon.

abandonment.wad Newschool deathmatch map built for a community project. 320KB
envos.wad A random 1 on 1 map I've had lying around for a couple of years. 36KB
sheep.wad Rockets are boring. Exploding sheep are much more fun :)) 27KB

shrub.bmp A small shrub with transparency. Texture
sky256x128.bmp A new tropical, mountainous sky suitable for freelook. Flat
sky256x200.bmp Same as above but for classic mouse (no freelook). Flat
wtrfall1.bmp New waterfall animation (1/4) Texture
wtrfall2.bmp New waterfall animation (2/4) Texture
wtrfall3.bmp New waterfall animation (3/4) Texture
wtrfall4.bmp New waterfall animation (4/4) Texture

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