On christmas day in 1990 we began our hunt for the 'secret' present as we did each year. When it turned up and the wrapping paper was torn off, there stood a Commodore 64 in all it's glory. Hence my life as a gamer begun.

Though I've owned and played many consoles, I class myself as a PC gamer. This is mainly down to the advent of networked gaming long before it hit any console and now, as they catch up, I'm still not convinced it's matured enough. Don't get me wrong, there are some astonishing games on consoles but most of them have a limited life span in comparison to a game where you're constantly interacting with real people.

I actively play Team Fortress 2 (TF2), GRID, L4D, CoD4 and Doom (yes the classic one from the 90's), all of which are in online environments. TF2 I love for it's class based gameplay in which you can choose from nine characters who all add their unique spin to the game. You really have to try it to see. Doom, I began playing again in 2002 mainly for nostalgia but then discovered ZDaemon, a client/server doom port adapted from the original source code. It's a fairly small community in comparison with most modern day games, with about 100 active players at peak times, but the gameplay has aged remarkably well and still requires a lot of skill.

Other games which I believe deserve a mention are the Final Fantasy series for its gripping story lines and varied gameplay; Half Life 2 for its (at the time) revolutionary engine and generally really fun gameplay; Portal for its take on the FPS genre; the original Call of Duty of which I used to play online for quite some time; the Unreal series for it's creation of many great modes of play.

If you're a Steam user, I invite you to add my SteamID to your friends list: thyrf.

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